Convection Cooled Power Systems - Rectifier Technologies

In a Convection Cooled Power System, you will find RT4B convection cooled (no fans) switched mode rectifiers operating in parallel. Whilst fans can be optionally installed in the system, it is typically used without one to maintain a low audible noise environment suited to telecommunications and switch rooms.

  • Naturally Cooled (No Fans)
  • Indoor Cabinet rated at IP31
  • Integrated AC and DC Distribution
  • Automatic Battery Disconnect
  • Earth Leakage Detection
  • SNMP, Modbus and DNP3 Available
  • Automatic Battery Discharge Test
  • Optional Battery Cell Monitoring and Mains Monitoring


System Drawings

Convection Cooled Power Systems

  • Input Voltage (VAC): 100 - 240VAC or 173 - 415VAC
  • Output Power (kW): 7.0 - 14.0kW
  • Output Voltage (VDC): 24VDC, 48VDC, 110VDC