We are pleased to announce that the China Telecommunication Test Laboratory (CCTL) has independently verified that our new high efficiency RT7e 48V 100A 3 phase rectifier has achieved 97% or higher efficiency across the range of 40% to 90% load, giving it an A Classification under the China Tower telecommunication standard. The innovations of the RT7e have created a technology platform that will allow RT to spin off other product developments into a range of application areas including electric vehicle charging.

The RT7e contains a recently patented input AC stage of the rectifier known as the power factor correction module (PFCM). The > 97% efficient RT7e is completely plug compatible with its predecessor, the >91% efficient RT7 which has been successfully manufactured in China under license over the last 15 years. The estimated 100,000 plus RT7 units in field can simply be unplugged and replaced with the RT7e for an instant efficiency upgrade. The RT7e will deliver substantial power saving for existing telecommunication power installations without major infrastructure changes. We are now seeking partners in China to distribute the product.

For more information about the RT7e, click here.