Approved RT7 Patent in India

As of the 11th of October 2013, the RT7 has been successfully patented under the new Indian Patents Act 2005.
Designed for use in modern telecoms networks, the RT7 is a 3 phase (no neutral), active power factor corrected, switched mode rectifier (SMR) module designed to provide up to 6kW of output power.

RT18 240VDC for HVDC

In the fourth quarter of 2012. Rectifier Technologies announced the release of its latest high efficiency, high reliability and high power density switched mode rectifier, RT18 240VDC. The RT18 was designed for use in Internet Data Centers (IDC) using High Voltage DC (HVDC). The RT18 is fully compliant with China YD/T-2378-2011. For more information regarding the specification of this SMR, please click here to be directed to our product page.

Rectifier Technologies supplies into Petronas Oil Field Refining and Gas Processing Plant

In 2012, RTP was successful in delivering modular hot swappable battery chargers to one of Petronas’ oil field refining and gas processing plant. Assurance of quality in power supplies in oilfields is highly critical, due to its harsh and remote conditions. Therefore the DC UPS had to be rugged ensuring high reliability and availability. Maintenance was made simple and serviceable by on site technicians.