Manufacture Capacity Expansion Plan

We are proud to announce that Rectifier Technologies, have secure a new manufacturing facility, located in Setia Business Park, Nusajaya Johor, Malaysia. 

The production floor space of our new factory will be more than double our current production floor space while the capacity is expected to increase threefold when the expansion plan is completed. The completed new facility enables Rectifier Technologies as a group to fulfill the increasing demand of our products from both new and existing customers.

We expect to complete the factory migration plan by June of year 2017.

Market Update – Unipower Exclusive Distribution Contract

Rectifier Technologies Pacific (RTP), has signed an exclusive distribution contract with Unipower, a Delaware limited liability company, with its principal place of business in Coral Springs, Florida.

On the 19th of December 2014, C&D Technologies, Inc (an exclusive customer of RTP in North America for more than 10 years) announced the divestiture of its Dunlap, Tennessee based Integrated Power Systems (IPS) business to Unipower.

As a result, the distribution contract between RTP and C&D was terminated. A new contract was needed between RTP and Unipower, which should address the commercial changes that resulted from the divestiture. During negotiations of the new contract, transactions between RTP and Unipower were unaffected.

With the new distribution contract in place, Unipower will have exclusive rights to RTP low voltage products in North America and commits to growing sales figures in that region. RTP is hopeful of increasing its market share in North America through Unipower’s business model and expertise.

Update – RT18 for Electric Vehicle Chargers

The RT18 has been successfully designed into Efacec’s QC24S EV charger, where three RT18 rectifiers operate in parallel to produce 24kW.

Pedro Silva, Managing Director of Efacec Electric Mobility says,

The QC24S is the perfect solution for private locations like fleets, car dealers, repair shops, condominiums and others, but also for public locations like shopping centers, parking lots, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, etc. It can be directly integrated in any charge point operator back office via the internet. With an attractive customizable design, its low volume wall mount construction allows mounting without occupying floor space. Outdoor use is possible, but also its high power factor and efficiency makes it ideal for indoor locations as the heat dissipated is low. These characteristics are possible with the use of the RT18, the most advanced solution in power conversion that meet the demanding requirements of EV charging.

According to Nicholas Yeoh, Director of Sales & Marketing at Rectifier Technologies,

The high density andhigh efficiency of RT high voltage power suppliers, enables more compact EV chargers to be introduced. We are thrilled to be working with a leading provider of EV charging systems like Efacec who is globally known for making high quality EV chargers

The QC24S has now been tested and is in the labs of BMW ( both in Germany and USA ), RWE, Allego, Energica, Siemens and others.

About Rectifier Technologies

Rectifier Technologies is a global specialist in secure power systems. Its solutions encompass all industrial and critical power requirements, offering one of the most reliable product portfolios in the area of critical power application.

Thanks to its technical expertise in switch mode technology, the company is articulate in creating innovative solutions to meet the demand of future power applications. RT is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

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New Product Development for the Electric Vehicle Charging Industry

Rectifier Technologies Pacific (RTP), has signed a contract to design a customised front end power unit for a European customer in the Electric Vehicle Charging industry.

The customer, Efacec Electric Mobility (Efacec), is a leading provider of Electric Vehicle charging systems, with a global presence. Under the contract, RTP will provide services to Efacec for the development of a customised power factor correction module (PFCM). RTP will design the PFCM and will be granted exclusive rights to manufacture the product.