Rectifier Technologies is now a member of CharIN

Rectifier Technologies is now a member of CharIN

Rectifier Technologies Pacific, an originator of innovative power conversion products for the Defence, Scientific Instrumentation, Electric Vehicle Charging, Telecommunications, Rail, Utilities and Mining industries, is pleased to announce that is has joined the CharIN e. V. association, whose purpose is to develop and establish the Combined Charging System (CCS) as the standard for charging battery-powered electric vehicles (EV) of all kinds. CCS is widely adopted in Europe, USA, and the South East Asian region, and increasingly adopted in other parts of the world, and it allows convenient charging from an AC or DC charger, or fast DC charging, all through the same EV connector.

Membership of the CharIn association offers RTP access to the latest developments in the standard, and visibility of likely future developments, as well as entry to association meetings where ideas are shared and developments can be tested.

EV DC Charger OEM Starter Kit Released

EV DC Charger OEM Starter Kit Released

Rectifier Technologies announces the release of an OEM Starter Kit for DC Electric Vehicle Chargers called the ‘EV DC Charger OEM Starter Kit’. This kit provides EV Charger Manufacturers access to Rectifier Technologies’ DC Charging technology for Electric Vehicles, before bringing it to full production. The EV DC Charger OEM Starter Kit combines power electronics from Rectifier Technologies and IoTecha’s control interface.

The EV DC Charger OEM Starter Kit includes the following components and services:

  • 30kW rectifier from Rectifier Technologies with the following specification.
Currently Available ModelsInputOutput
RT15 450V*3 Phase – 380, 400, 480 VAC450VDC | 30kW (per module)

*Additional RT15 modules can be purchased to be operated in parallel to build higher powered systems.

  • IoTecha’s CCSoM with Pilot Line Control, ISO/IEC 15118, OCPP 1.6J, Rectifier Control, MQTT Client, and other Key Elements.
  • IoTecha’s I2P2 Cloud Platform providing Over-the-Air Firmware updates, Asset Management, Status Monitoring, and Remote OCPP Client Configuration. 

RT has over 25 years of research and development, and manufacturing expertise in switched mode power electronics in industries including Electric Vehicle Charging, Defense, Scientific Instrumentation, Telecommunications, Rail, Utilities and Mining. RT has a range of high-power, high-voltage, high-efficiency power modules suitable for EV Charging. It has also recently released its first 11kW EV DC Home Charger branded as HRE Solutions for the rapidly growing EV charging industry with the goal of reducing the physical size of power electronics and freeing up real estate in EVs, and to provide lower cost and efficient charging options to the market.

“IoTecha’s goal is to make Smart and Connected Charging based on Combined Charging System (CCS) and ISO/IEC 15118 easy for EVSE manufacturers and charger operators,” stated Oleg Logvinov, CEO of IoTecha. “We are very proud to combine our turnkey solutions with RT’s expertise in rectifiers, allowing for a quick and reliable path to market for EV charger manufacturers.”

Nicholas Yeoh, Director of Sales and Marketing also commented, “RT is committed to providing cost effective, reliable and high efficiency EV charging solutions to its customers. Our decision to partner with IoTecha made strategic sense, combining the strengths of both companies to provide an easily deployable EV charging solution.”

For more information, please visit our Starter Kit Page here.

RT7e 48V High Efficiency Receives Class A Verification from China Telecommunication Test Laboratory (CCTL)

We are pleased to announce that the China Telecommunication Test Laboratory (CCTL) has independently verified that our new high efficiency RT7e 48V 100A 3 phase rectifier has achieved 97% or higher efficiency across the range of 40% to 90% load, giving it an A Classification under the China Tower telecommunication standard. The innovations of the RT7e have created a technology platform that will allow RT to spin off other product developments into a range of application areas including electric vehicle charging.

The RT7e contains a recently patented input AC stage of the rectifier known as the power factor correction module (PFCM). The > 97% efficient RT7e is completely plug compatible with its predecessor, the >91% efficient RT7 which has been successfully manufactured in China under license over the last 15 years. The estimated 100,000 plus RT7 units in field can simply be unplugged and replaced with the RT7e for an instant efficiency upgrade. The RT7e will deliver substantial power saving for existing telecommunication power installations without major infrastructure changes. We are now seeking partners in China to distribute the product.

For more information about the RT7e, click here.