The ICERT 1000 is a high performance battery charger and DC UPS, built up of modular switched
mode rectifiers and a control system. Its cutting edge technology provides high efficiency in a
compact package. The concept of modular power electronics means that the ICERT 1000 is easily
scalable in output, highly reliable (zero downtime) and reduces spare parts inventory.

The Wall Mount Power Systems are integrated with either RT9, RT11 or RT12 modules to offer a high-performance battery charger and DC UPS. Trusted for its extremely low field failure rate and have been proven in many critical & non-critical applications. These chargers are compact and suitable for wall mounting in industrial environments.


PACQ Powershelves are modular, fault-tolerant, compact DC power systems made up of switched-mode rectifier (SMR) modules. It comes in a wide selection of DC output voltages and in two scalable form-factors, 4U and 6U. These compact systems have been proven in many critical & non-critical applications including switch-tripping in substations, defence, scientific instruments, and more. Suitable for 19” racks of 400mm depth or greater.


The PACQ Flex’ion is optimized to charge FLEX’ION™ batteries (from SAFT). The battery is charged according to the levels from the BMS thus preventing over or under charging scenarios, literally giving the battery what it wants.

A CAN bus interface enables the communication between the PACQ charger and BMS of the Flex’ion battery.