We are thrilled to start 2023 with exciting news: Our RT22 is now UL certified!

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Rectifier Technologies secured $260,000 in grant funding for R&D equipment improvements under the Victorian Government’s New Energy Jobs Fund Round 6. This funding will enable us to enhance our R&D facility to further innovate and improve our technologies for the benefit of our customers in the E-Mobility sector.

NEJF supports Victorian-based projects and aims to deliver a broad range of renewable energy and energy efficiency feasibility studies, business cases, and implementation-ready capital works projects, driving energy innovation to support Victoria’s transitions to net zero by 2050.

Rectifier Technologies is grateful for the support from the Victorian Government, and the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action. We are committed to utilising the latest technologies and providing our customers with the highest quality of products and services.

Celebrating 30 years of power conversion engineering. Thank you to everyone who has supported us along this journey, we look forward to many more years to come!

We are proud to be a trusted supplier of power modules to i-charging for their blueberry range. This marks the start of what both our companies regard as a long term partnership. Click here to view the announcement.

Rectifier Technologies turns 30 this November! Join us as we celebrate this proud achievement. Stay tuned for the main video!

Rectifier Technologies will exhibit in EVS35 (Oslo, Norway), an International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition between 11th to 15th June 2022.

Check out our latest developments at our booth located at Hall C, Booth C01-19, CharIN.

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You can find more information about EVS35 here.

Rectifier Technologies Limited (Rectifier) has renewed its Exclusive Supplier Agreement with Tritium Pty Ltd (Tritium) for another year. This marks the second extension of our agreement, following the successful partnership between both companies since 2017. Tritium is a global developer and manufacturer of DC fast chargers for electric vehicles. In the agreement, Rectifier is to supply a high-powered power supply for Tritium’s range of DC fast chargers.

Lithium batteries are all the rage now especially since the rise of electric vehicles. The power density of these cells also makes it attractive in industrial applications such as utilities, power generation and oil & gas where voltages between 110 – 125VDC is commonly found in substations. Pairing these batteries with a suitable charger determines whether or not your asset (the lithium battery) is properly utilised and looked after so that they last as long as they were designed for.

Rectifier Technologies has developed an intelligent interface for data exchange between the battery charger and the battery management system (BMS) of the lithium battery. This CAN bus based interface reads from the BMS, and processes it in the algorithms of the battery charger so that optimum power is delivered to charge the batteries. This piece of hardware, integrated into our PACQ series of powershelves (from the Rectifier Technologies) offers a solution to customers that both maximises the capabilities of their lithium batteries and prevents over and under charging scenarios that may damage the asset.

“This development was initiated in response to our customers on the need for proper lithium battery charging, without which the true potential of the batteries cannot be realised. The goal was therefore to make a bridge between the charger and all CAN bus based BMSs, which is the protocol used by the majority of battery manufacturers. This technology makes future integration with various lithium battery manufacturers a lot less time consuming.” Nicholas Yeoh, Director of Sales and Marketing of Rectifier Technologies.

The Flex’ion battery (from SAFT Batteries) is the first brand to be successfully integrated with our PACQ

The PACQ Powershelves are offered in 9.6kW (4RU) or 19.2kW (6RU) output power options and allows up to 12 battery currents to be monitored and receive its peak charge. The Flex’ion battery (from SAFT Batteries) is the first brand to be successfully integrated with our PACQ but won’t be the last as the new interface opens up opportunity for compatibility with other brands in the market with minor engineering inputs. For now, the PACQ Flex’ion is available to order.

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The RT22 50kW EV Charger Module developed for High-Powered Chargers, features built-in reactive power control to regulate grid voltage levels.

Learn more about the RT22’s built-in reactive power control in the video below. Click here for more product details.

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Rectifier Technologies is proud to bring many years of its expertise and experience in power electronics engineering to the developments within the CharIN focus groups.

Rectifier Technologies develops and manufactures high-efficiency power conversion products used in various industries. Our vision in e-Mobility includes one where Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) eventually converges to a full DC charging environment not too far in the future. Products such as the scalable RT22 50kW EV Charger Module (for High-Powered DC chargers) and the Highbury DC wall-mounted Low Power DC Charger with bi-directional (V2G) capabilities, are offered with this in view.

With more than 29 years of experience, Rectifier Technologies continues to lead the way in advancing power conversion technologies cost effectively as new energy markets emerge.

“As an EVSE and EV charging power module maker, Rectifier Technologies is involved in all aspect of EV charging and has just upgraded to be a full member of CharIN, which allows us to learn from and contribute to all of the focus groups in CharIN’s domain,” said Nigel Machin, co-founder of Rectifier Technologies and Head of Power Engineering.