PACQ Flex’ion - Rectifier Technologies

The PACQ Flex’ion is optimised to charge FLEX’ION™ batteries (from SAFT). The battery is charged according to the levels from the BMS thus preventing over or under charging scenarios, literally giving the battery what it wants.

A CAN bus interface enables the communication between the PACQ charger and BMS of the Flex’ion battery.

  • Compatible with SAFT FLEX’ION™ Li-ion Batteries
  • Monitor up to 12 Battery Strings
  • Suitable for Industrial Battery Charging: 120 and 240 VDC
  • 4U or 6U options available
  • Low Mean Time To Repair
  • Automatic Battery Discharge Test
  • Optional SNMP, Modbus and Communications


PACQ Flex’ion Brochure
RT12 120V datasheet
RT12 240V datasheet

PACQ Flex’ion

  • Input Voltage (VAC): 85-300 VAC or 147-520 VAC
  • Output Power (kW): Up to 19.2kW
  • Output Voltage (VDC): 120, 240 VDC