High Efficiency Bi-Directional Platform

by rectifier technologies | 04 Dec 2018 | News & Updates
High Efficiency Bi-Directional Platform

As part of Rectifier Technologies’ plan to pursue opportunities in the new energy market (presented at the AGM on the 27th of November 2017), the Company is pleased to announce its latest R&D project to introduce high efficiency bi-directional power conversion technology to its product offering. This allows the Company to address new needs in various new energy markets, driven by the rapid adoption of electric vehicles (EV) globally. Bi-directional means that in addition to charging the battery from the grid, when required, the grid can be supported by the battery and energy is transferred from vehicle battery to the grid (V2G). A further application is home support where optionally a vehicle battery can transfer energy to a home during a blackout (V2H). The first R&D prototype is expected to be integrated into the EV Home Charger by end of Q2 2019 and can be in full production by the end of Q4 2019.

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