Rectifier Technologies Supplies to Furnace Engineering

by rectifier technologies | 07 Mar 2016 | News & Updates
Rectifier Technologies Supplies to Furnace Engineering

Rectifier Technologies (RT) is pleased to announce that it had developed a highly modular, efficient and compact, adjustable power supply for Furnace Engineering, to be used with its systems for an emerging market.

The challenge was to create a controlled output voltage power supply with a maximum power of 60kW while maintaining unity power factor at all power levels. Traditional converters are not able to achieve this because of its low power factor at light load condition. To meet these challenges, RT provided a solution based on its 3 phase RT7-240V/6kW modules.

“We chose RT because they have the technical expertise to develop solutions for such demanding requirements,” says Brian Gooden, Director at Furnace Engineering. “Their power engineers are very knowledgeable in their field and provided good support.”

“We feel that this project has a great potential for success. It represents RT’s business goals to be at the forefront of new and emerging markets. Furnace Engineering is a company well known for its engineering in heat processing and combustion systems.” explains Nicholas Yeoh, Director of Sales & Marketing at Rectifier Technologies.

The order was placed in November 2015, and the prototype/demo unit was fully delivered in February 2016. Nicholas adds, “This collaboration enabled an application to be very quickly developed to address a market need. It was a pleasure working with the team at Furnace Engineering.”

About Rectifier Technologies

Rectifier Technologies is a global specialist in secure power systems. Its solutions encompass all industrial and critical power requirements, offering one of the most reliable product portfolios in the area of critical power application.

Thanks to its technical expertise in switch mode technology, the company is articulate in creating innovative solutions to meet the demand of future power applications. RT is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

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