The RT22 50kW EV Charger Module developed for High-Powered Chargers, features built-in reactive power control to regulate grid voltage levels.

Learn more about the RT22’s built-in reactive power control in the video below. Click here for more product details.

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Rectifier Technologies is proud to bring many years of its expertise and experience in power electronics engineering to the developments within the CharIN focus groups.

Rectifier Technologies develops and manufactures high-efficiency power conversion products used in various industries. Our vision in e-Mobility includes one where Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) eventually converges to a full DC charging environment not too far in the future. Products such as the scalable RT22 50kW EV Charger Module (for High-Powered DC chargers) and the Highbury DC wall-mounted Low Power DC Charger with bi-directional (V2G) capabilities, are offered with this in view.

With more than 29 years of experience, Rectifier Technologies continues to lead the way in advancing power conversion technologies cost effectively as new energy markets emerge.

“As an EVSE and EV charging power module maker, Rectifier Technologies is involved in all aspect of EV charging and has just upgraded to be a full member of CharIN, which allows us to learn from and contribute to all of the focus groups in CharIN’s domain,” said Nigel Machin, co-founder of Rectifier Technologies and Head of Power Engineering.

The RT22 50kW Electric Vehicle Charger Module includes features that addresses the common challenges faced when deploying high-powered chargers.

Network operators are facing increased difficulty installing high-powered chargers without expensive network upgrades because they draw large amounts of power that can result in unwanted voltage fluctuations. Grid operators can now regulate grid voltage levels with RT22’s in-built reactive power control.

Learn more about the RT22 in the video below. Click here for more product details.

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Nicholas Yeoh will present on “A Case for Full DC Charging” at AEVA EV Vision e-Conference, on the 27th November. Register to attend at

Rectifier Technologies will present on “A Case for Low Power DC” at the 5th International Electric Vehicle Technology Conference and Exhibition (iEVTech 2020), on the 25th September.

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Catch Paul Davis on a podcast interview with Beyond Zero Emission as he discusses the development of the Highbury DC Bi-directional. The podcast is available here.

Rectifier Technologies is pleased to introduce the world’s slimmest DC charger, the Highbury DC. It measures just 123mm/4.84 inches in depth from the back to front, ensuring owners can install the charger in tight spaces and can be mounted to a wall.

The Highbury DC product range includes Rectifier Technologies’ first bi-directional DC charger, known as the Highbury DC Bi-directional Charger. Owners can leverage the Highbury’s bi-directional capability by selling excess power to the grid directly from their vehicle’s battery.

Learn more about the Highbury DC in the video below. Click here for more product details.

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Rectifier Technologies will present on “A Case for Low Power DC” at the V2G CharIN e.V Asia Virtual Conference, on the 28th July 2020.

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“The removal of the headphone jack was the start of a new level of convenience and simplicity.”
Something for us in e-Mobility to consider as we move towards an optimised EV charging infrastructure.

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About RT22 50kW Charger Module
Rated for 50KW continuous operation in high-powered electric vehicle chargers. Power is delivered in a compact form-factor due to its high-efficiency (>96%) and well-cooled architecture, ideal for reliable and space-saving chargers. Reactive power control is also built-in to maintain stable grid voltage levels without additional network upgrades. Scalable in units of 50kW to suit desired charger power classes and easily integrated to a controller via CAN bus.